Welcome from Dr. Marilee Adams

Does the busyness of the day-to-day have you falling back into old patterns and mindsets? If this is you, don’t fall into the trap of criticism and self-criticism. Mindset and lifestyle changes are hard to implement in the long-term, especially without support and accountability.

This is exactly why I created the Seven Days to Learner Living Challenge. I am challenging you to commit to seven days of resetting your mindset and habits. 
For this challenge you’ll:
-Watch daily videos from me, Dr. Marilee Adams
-Complete exercises given during daily videos
-Complete the daily exercises in the Seven Days to Learner Living Guide
-Share your stories, discoveries, failures, and successes with the rest of our Learner community

Change is more likely to happen successfully and sustainably with support and community. And I know, that together, we can help engage your Learner so you can be more of the open-minded, curious and creative, adaptive and flexible, and solution and future-focused you 

Welcome from Dr. Marilee Adams
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